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As the digital age rapidly advances, businesses and developers are increasingly in need of fast and efficient app development methods. At this point, you will hear the name RIVER frequently. RIVER attracts attention with the innovations it brings to the world of no-code application development. But to understand what RIVER is and why it is so important, we need to understand the power and flexibility of the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) database.

We have compiled the features that make the JSON database powerful and flexible for you;

1. Clear and Flexible Data Management

Get rid of the complexity of data management with RIVER. The JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) database represents your data in an understandable way while maintaining flexibility. By organizing your data with key-value pairs, you can easily manage your workflows and requirements. Running on 2016 and above MS SQL systems, this data management method brings up-to-date technologies to your business.

2. Fast and Smooth Application Development

Speed is crucial in your development process. RIVER helps you prototype quickly and develop your application in a sustainable way. The JSON format allows you to create, organize and process data quickly so you can spend your time and energy on more value-adding work.

3. Seamless Integration with JavaScript

RIVER is a web-based platform based on IIS technology. The JSON database allows this platform to seamlessly process its data both client-side and server-side. This harmony helps you increase the functionality of your application.

4. RESTful API Integration

RIVER communicates with the outside world through APIs. The JSON data format fits perfectly with such APIs and makes data sharing easy. You can seamlessly share your data with other systems.

5. Use as Secondary Data Storage

SQL row-based databases can become complex if you need to manage large amounts of data. A JSON database allows you to use rarely used or unchanging data as a secondary data source. This improves the performance of your database and makes your application run faster.

6. Fast Data Access

JSON databases provide fast and efficient access to data. Instead of creating complex SQL queries, the JSON database helps your application, designed with the infrastructure provided by RIVER, to generate fast responses. This improves user experience and increases customer satisfaction.

RIVER is revolutionizing the world of no-code application development and its benefits make data management and application development faster and more efficient. The JSON database helps RIVER users get a better handle on data management, allowing you to take full advantage of the power of data. Now you can say goodbye to data management issues when building your no-code applications.