Next Generation Document Organization, Sharing and Management

RIVER Docs, part of RIVER’s revolutionary No-Code Application Development Platform, gives you a powerful tool to manage, organize and share your documents more effectively. It increases collaboration within the team with a more efficient document management system.

OCR (OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology: With OCR scanning technology, you can benefit from advanced search capabilities based on any word in your documents, including your images in image format, and you can be sure that you have scanned all your documents.

Folderization and Tagging: To keep your documents organized, you can use the folderization and tagging features to find the document you are looking for at any time.

Electronic Signature Integration Support: Secure your documents in digital environment. You can securely approve documents with electronic signatures.

Quick Access to RIVER BPM/ iBPM Process Documents

Speed up your workflows with the superior features of RIVER Docs. You can instantly access the documents added to your forms and have an organized document archive designed by the system.

Document Storage and Categorization: RIVER Docs makes your documents easily accessible by storing them in an organized way. You can categorize, tag and group your documents.

Sharing and Access Control: You can securely share documents and customize access rights. You can ensure security by controlling which users can access the document.

Version Control: RIVER Docs allows you to track changes to your documents and store different versions. This way you can revert back to older versions and maintain data integrity.


All Features


Develop your own apps without writing code with drag-and-drop technology


Process dependent-independent management clipboards with Kanban, Gantt, Calendar and to-do list

River Social

Social media experience with internal information sharing platform and internal communication network

Document Management

Digitize all your documents with RIVER Docs and access the information you want instantly


List records, create unlimited flow independent lists for parameter screens design

Dashboard Reporting

Generate reports in unlimited combinations, such as future forecasting, cost and profitability ratios

Mobile Apps

RIVER on your mobile device with native app on Android, IOS, AppGallery stores

Artificial Intelligence Language Support

Option to write code and develop applications with artificial intelligence language support

Periodic Service

Follows up the work instead of the user and makes the necessary reminders

e-Invoice Integration

Imports e-invoices from the integrator company and sends them for approval

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging through the app for all users

Performance Tracking

Track staff performance by measuring assigned jobs

OCR Scanning

Text search in image and audio files with optical character and voice recognition

Pop-up Notification

Instant notification with Messagebox feature

Secure Infrastructure

Periodic control by internationally certified hackers

Office 365

Office 365 usage from within the platform and approval and rejection via e-mail

Location Tracking

Track field personnel instantly and report their visits with GPS feature

Defined Notification

Integration of Email, Web, messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram

Module Creation

Create modules that define, list and manage business processes specific to your company

Virtual Pos

Get paid anywhere thanks to its secure infrastructure

Video Conference

Conduct video conferences and webinars within the platform

Data Update

Detects and updates data changes in the platform and integrated applications

Multi Language Support

Possibility to use in any language

Online Video

Paid or free video streaming on selected host


Create requisition, order, invoice with product image and add graphics


User-based authorization in any area within the platform


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