Pvc Edge bands are used in order to provide durability while providing also an aesthetic appearance for laminate and panel edges. Pvc, which is a thermoplastic material, has a great importance in furniture and construction industries. Of course, a material that is so much in our lives in everyday use should not constitute a hazard to health. Generally, lead based compounds with low cost, which are used in the market widely, affect human health adversely. This issue constitutes a great important for us during our production. River pvc Edge bands absolutely do not contain lead compounds harmful for health.
A wide brand and design range of panel and laminate types are available and new designs are released to the market every day. Our goal as River is to meet all the needs of our customers.
River solid colour Edge bands have a wide variety of colours. We are able to produce products with the desired colour and surface for solid colours. Our special solid colour works are completed by emerging the appropriate colour formulas by rapidly scanning in our colour archive.
The combination of colours and patterns with River patterned pvc Edge bands is designed on computer and goes into production. Thanks to our very large stock of cliché patterns so that we are able to correspond to the desired pattern works. Panel compliance can be provided with the harmony of both pattern and colours of patterns in patterned Edge bands. River has proved itself in this issue and provided great advantage to its customers.