• The type of glue that will be used for Edge banding should be selected by taking such characteristics as application temperatures, ambient temperature, machine speed, type of the panel to be glued into account. In addition, it affects the adhesion efficiency of the glue to be able to adjust such characteristics to the appropriate levels.
  • It is recommended to select glue according to panel and Edge band colour to make glue trail minimum.
  • Application temperature should be increased in the specified limits in case of low ambient temperatures.
  • Boiler cleaning time increases for River hot-melt products. Our fire resistant products extend the life of the boiler.
  • Please contact our experienced technical team for glue selection and related problems.
  • Hot-melt adhesives do not cause health problems during use however; protective goggles and gloves should be worn while working because they are in molten state at high-temperature. The molten materials should be avoided to contact with skin.