We provide exact color and surface matching with the help of our color matching laboratory. Light appears indifferent colors based on wavelength. Color control information is recorded by our color analysis devices which have a capability of color analysis in international standards. Since color is originated from a light source, it can be said that light source is an important factor which affects the color. Two objects which have the same color in daylight can appear differently at night in the light of fluorescence or incandescent lamp. Colors of the objects may even be different in various regions of our world because of sun's angle of incidence even though its precision is lower than what can be measured by an eye. In addition to spectrophotometric color analyses, color matching is controlled in different light sources and different light intensity in our color laboratory as well. Brightness is one of the leading elements which can change the impact of color on our eyes. So, brightness impact is also taken into consideration in production with the help of gloss measurements.