Our company, which provided services in furniture design and manufacturing sector for a long time, has provided supply to furniture manufacturers in furniture materials and hardware sector for a long time later. Our company, which can better understand customer expectations with the experience coming from production and try to provide quality of products and services to customers, started to produce Edge band and hot-melt in 2009 by seeing the need to be better than the current. An experience that uses and markets the products, which it produces, before is a priceless gain.Edge band and hot-melt that have great importance in the furniture industry are also inseparable complementary products. For this reason, our company that started to production of Edge band and hot-melt is proud of to be the first and only company, which can produce both of these complementary products with local resources totally under the same roof. While we meet the needs of our customers as River, at the same time it is a great success for us to be the supplier of hot-melt or Edge band for also many producers of Edge band or hot-melt in domestic and foreign industries.